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How do I know how my photo will turn out?

Once you upload, you will be presented with an image quality score and advice on how big you can print your image while still maintaining quality. We suggest using an image or file at least 100KB or 1MB.

When will my poster be printed and shipped?

Order before 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and your poster will be printed and shipped out that Same Business Day. All other orders will be shipped the next business day. Please note: same day shipping only applies to rolled posters with a quantity of less than 10.

How are your prices so cheap at such a high quality?

We have top of the line printers, and only source our ink directly from our printers’ manufacturers.

What paper do you print on?

We print on a wide variety of premium papers. You can check out all of our product specs here.

What printing technology do you use?

We use a pigment inkjet based process. We help you create vivid high-impact prints with brand new high gamut 12 ink technology. We also use the latest embedded spectrophotometer to help you get consistent, accurate color every time.

What is the file size limit on upload?

Currently the filesize upload limit is 250MB.

What kind of lamination do you use?

We use premium 1.3mm lamination film because it has a crystal-clear finish and a perfectly trimmed edge that won’t cloud, fog, crack, peel or fade. For only $12 extra we will laminate ANY size poster.

What is the optimal file size and format?

We recommend a PDF or TIFF file type, with an RGB color profile. A minimum size of 100 dpi works just fine, but 300 dpi is recommended for best results.


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